Saturday, July 23, 2011


I grew a set of balls last night... momentarily... and figuratively for that matter. I actually walked up to "Hot Bassist" and talked to him! I asked him why they don't play an 80's Aerosmith. He said they are actually going to start. They are in the process of learning Dude Looks Like a Lady and Livin' on the Edge (even though it's 90's). The highlight, I stood close enough to him to touch my arm to his. My friend Brooks knows him from college. He used to call "Hot Bassist" to set up gigs for his fraternity in college. "Hot Bassist" came to our table to say hi to Brooks. I think last week, was a fluke. I think he was just being nice. But at least I've talked to him. It's a start....

The other highlight of the night that was pee your pants funny. Was the cougar that kept trying to get the guys to dance. She focused in on Craig, since I grabbed Brooks' arm. Had to take one for the team. Oh darn! She was a stage 5 clinger...she kinda looked like a female version of the "The Twins" in Matrix Reloaded minus the dreadlocks...ROTFLMFAO!