Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bunny Rangler... BBHS!

For Halloween I decided to be a bunny rangler. Quite literally actually.

I went over to my parents house to hand out candy to the kiddies. When I drove into the driveway, I noticed a rabbit sitting in our front yard eating our grass. Hmmm... let's see who she belongs to.... Patches belongs to our new neighbors across the street. Their son was home so he and I had to catch her.

"You're gonna get tired and I'm gonna scoop you up Patches!" Get tired she did.....

25 minutes later.

5 front yards later.

20 minutes of cardio later.

We're back in my front yard. Where I cornered Patches by the faucet and scooped her up. Her heart was beating super fast and she was shaking. I held her and she calmed down enough to put her back in her own backyard.
Where there's a bunny.... I'll be rangling!

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