Friday, July 15, 2011

Shock and Awe

Haven't written for awhile..... brief synopsis.... it's summer break... I've lost ten pounds. Went to England to visit my brother....Stonehenge...Big Ben....Land's End...Bournemouth....Oxford....

Last night: The weirdest thing happened. We go to Rock Lobster as usual. Band is awesome. First set down. Break. Good times are had. I always have the delusion that the bassist is looking at me. I like to think he's making eyes at me. Second set down. Break. I go to the bathroom during the break, on my way back I was going to go up to the bassist and ask him a few questions about another band that he is in. Mainly, why don't they play 80's Aerosmith, like Love in an Elevator, Rag Doll, Janie's Got a Gun. Anyways, on my way back I see my friend Sarah talking to "Hot Bassist". I beeline back to the booth. She heads back, "Hot Bassist" is right behind her. He wants to meet her teacher friends. We go around introducing ourselves, I tell him my name is Pickle, since it would obviously make an impression. He asks where we teach, what we do. Of course it's loud so Gator has to repeat everything I say, which makes it quite funny. He starts asking where I teach, where it's located, what my last name is.... doesn't ask anyone else those questions. My heart is practically beating outside of my chest. He says thanks for coming out and then heads back to the stage. Last set starts, Gator and Sarah hit the dance floor. Second song gets ready to start... "Hot Bassist" says "What no Pickle?" and points to the dance floor. He called me out... everyone looked at me, I was sooo embarassed.... let's just say my face matched the color of my hair. I sat there for the song and sang along (♪Relax, don't do it...) I went out to the next song, don't remember the next songs, stood there, kinda danced, mainly hid behind people... This has never happened to me, not even in my most deluded rom com fantasies. Is he really flirting with me? He's attracted to me? ME? I've never been looked at like that, I've always been the friend of the girl that the guy is going after. Is he really flirting with me or am I just a deluded girl, on the brink of 30?

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