Sunday, July 09, 2006

When glitter attacks...

And I'm not talking about that crappy Mariah Carey movie either. I went shopping last night. Of course I got attracted to the shirt that was all shiny and pretty. What I thought were really tiny twinkling rhinestones was really silver glitter glued to the shirt. I got the shirt on. Looked okay. Then I noticed that there was a slight silvery glittery mist in the dressing room. Oh shnikes! How am I going to get this one off now without become the Silverglitter Yeti. Needless to say the glitter stuck to my face and chest. Especially since I had that "I just came in from the hellish outdoors" glow to me. I had to do the rest of my shopping with people staring at me wondering if I was completely insane for putting glitter in random spots on my face or if it was a disease of some sort. The glitter is like no other glitter though. It is stuck in my pores! I have exfoliated my skin 3 times now. The glitter is still there. At this rate I'll be pooping glitter for the next week!

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