Monday, January 21, 2013

Amusing Happenings for the MLK Weekend

Went to Metalhead on Sunday, was absolutely fabulous!

The aforementioned amusing happenings:

1. Man looks at my cleavage (for which there is alot) looks at me and with a slackjawed expression states "Holy MACARONI!"

2. Got stage honked by Sexy Drummer.... hate to tell him that his hands are probably not large enough to handle these joyous, jubilant, J-cups. But I'll let him try anyways! ;)

3. Got caught shaking my boobies at the drummer. Turned 50 shades of RED!

4. Almost boob slapped a short chick coming around a corner on the way to the bathroom.

5. Saw my friend James' Lesbian joke!

6. Cheers! with Lucky.

7. Last but not least: Hot Bassist almost took me out with his bass.... if his bass wasn't there I'm pretty sure I would have been teabagged.

What will the four day work week bring?

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