Monday, July 03, 2006


Last night was awesome! I got to shake my butt and dance and get in touch with my inner metalhead. God I love 80's metal. There I said we can all move on now. The plus side to last night was I got to get in touch with my inner bitch. God I love being in crowds and abusing the masses. Hee! That's beside the point. I'm pretty sure I broke this guy's foot, if not bruised it severly. I got sucker bounced off some fat girl's rolls. Picture being double bounced on the trampoline. That's what happened to me. Except all 185 lbs. of me landed on my spiked stilleto heel on "Billy's" foot. He told my friend's husband to "make sure I got his number". He either likes the abuse or he's a freak. He wasn't that attractive so I passed on that one.

Got my First Responder CPR and AED renewed today. I can officially return to being Superwoman with the ability to save lives. Off to torment the masses. *Kisses*

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