Friday, July 07, 2006

Hives a Plenty

Now being a redhead I do have sensitive skin however, it's not too super sensitive. The driving school today proved that wrong. I broke out from the chair I was sitting out. Hives on every inch of body that touched the chair. My legs (15 on my right, and 9 on the left), to be exact. The manager, ironically named Don Johnson, was apologetic but that was it. "This has never happened in the two years I've been working here." The other lady said, "Maybe they're mosquito bites." Mosquito bites have heads on them. These are welts. He sent the head of maintenance in with me who told me, "I took a class about what to look for and there is nothing on this chair. I can give you a towel." I said, "No take the chair away from me". They handled it very unprofessionally from a customer service point of view. Just the run around and a bunch of apologies. I'm probably going to head over to the hospital to get double checked to see what I'm allergic to.

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